Thursday, February 26, 2015

January Horror Block

Ok so here is the scoop. I change positions at work to management and my life is like a 3 ring circus now. I can't find time to do much of anything and only make it to the computer every few days. I will try and get blocks posted as soon as I can after I get them but time is just so short now. I want to try and get a new horror makeup done soon for giggles too. Anyway here is the box I got in January that was AMAZING!!

So as you can see this month the Mag was Rue Morgue...
 Got another comic this month...This time it was The Twilight Zone!! I think these comics that are coming in the boxes might be One Offs but they are pretty cool!!

Next is the item that pissed me off til no end. I gave up trying to open the little buggers til later since I could see what they were anyway. I forgot to take a pic once I opened them LOL. But 2 madballs...Childhood Memories ;)
And this month was a double shirt month and both shirts are amazing!! Hubby and I just Love American Horror story and I like this shirt you really dont have to be a fan of the show to like the shirt. Funny story...I wore this shirt when my Mother In Law was visiting. She is an amazing woman but she is a bit more reserved and old fashioned I guess you could say so they dont really know what the show is. So we are getting ready to have dinner and she tells me how much she likes my shirt. Then she looks at the hubs and says well I guess I scare her then! OMG I coulda died laughing!! 
And how could you ever go wrong with Chucky!
Finally my favorite item this month I think may not have been a highlight for some people. However since I collect these I was waaaay stoked. So it was a little mini Living Dead Doll. Her name is Pink Posey and I am not sure but I think she is a Horror Block exclusive!!

Doesnt she look at home here!!

So yea....Awesome Block last month!! Getting excited too cause this month they just announced we will be getting 2 Walking Dead Items!! But until then....

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy

Monday, January 12, 2015

Decmber Horror Block...

Ok so I am gonna just do a quick post to show yall what I got this month. Been way busy and I am behind on so very much since this promotion.
Anyway here is this month's block....
Redrum! Redrum! This month's shirt is an uber cool shirt from the Shining and I love it. The material is a bit softer than those in the past and much as I love black shirts it was a nice change of pace.
Totally had to rock it that day :P
Next is a Funk Pop! This one is from the Universal Monsters line. Super stoked about this cause I just got these bad boys from friends for xmas and he will fit in nicely with them...
So this thing had me cracking up...It is hand sanitizer. But I know I am not the only one who finds the name hilarious!!
So the Poltergeist mouse pad is a little on the small side but it sure is wicked!
Back to Rue Morgue magazine this month. I honestly prefer Fangoria but this one is good too ;)
Finally there was a stress ball type skeleton...
Seriously amused that he has maggots in his eyes LOL...
Well that is it for this month. Can't wait to see what comes next month!!

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy

Thursday, January 1, 2015

November Horror Block...

Ok so as usual I am waaaay behind! I coulda swore I posted this but I guess not. So lets dive into the block from November shall we!

Sweet! I been wanting a scaler and now I got one!!
The t for this month

OMG!! This is awesome!! A Nightmare On Elm Street film cell!!

 You know I so hadda watch this the night I opened the box!
 Seriously digging the Hannibal Stress ball heart!

Thinking these stickers may just end up being magnets or buttons
 How awesome is it to have Godzilla chilling on my external cord!
Excuse the scary no makeup day but I hadda show off the shirt ;)
Not a bad little haul if I do say so myself. My favorite was probably the film cell but I loved the box overall. Only thing I probably wont be using is the Cthulu car sign. It just seems kinda cheap and flimsy. Anyway I am still waiting on my December block for some reason but as soon as it arrives I will get it posted!

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy

Thursday, December 4, 2014

October Horror Block...

OMG!! I cannot believe a month has passed and I never posted about October Horror Block. I got my box for November yesterday and when I went to add the pics for this month from my camera I was like on shit LOL. Anyway I am gonna get this post up but then later tonight I will show off the amazingness that was this month as well.

Ok so we are gonna knock this out real quick like...

The first item in this box is defiantly my favorite this month. My bro and I have this long running who is better between Freddy and Jason so I had rock this amazing shirt for him...
 Alright so I went a little high school goth on this day but damn it was fun...
 Next item I was happy and disappointed in. You see my blu ray player is the devil and doesnt play about half the blu rays I get. It was nice to see a blu ray in a box but I cant play it. That said I love the movie and I do already own it on dvd.
This next thing is super fun but I have no idea if I will ever do anything with it. They sent a build your own zombie kit. It is basically a jar with 4 colors of clay for you to design a zombie. It is really cool but it may just sit on the back of the shelf for ages.

 To my surprise this month they switched things up a bit and instead of getting Rue Mourge Magazine they sent the most recent issue of Fangoria. I so could not be happier about this. While I like Rue Mourge Fangoria has always been my go to horror mag!!
Now while this is an item I have received before from Box Of Dread in the past I was super stoked to see the box of "Cereal Killers" trading cards. I love the tounge in cheek aspect of these cards and they always make me laugh.

Finally the last item in this month's box was the Jason Vorhees reaction figure. I seriously love it but a little part of me was sad cause I wanna get my hands on the Pinhead reaction more LOL.
 So that is it for the October Horror Block. I am sorry it was late this month LOL. I will get the November block posted a little later today and you are gonna die at some of the items!! 

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September Horror Block

Greeting boys and Ghouls! So this month I am trying to keep somewhat on track blogging wise and I wanted to go ahead and get this month's Horror Block posted. Now since the box ships on the 25th of each month Horror Block took the initiative to go ahead and make this month's box all about Halloween so everyone would get the box before the holiday. Great planning on their part. Hopefully we still get some halloween goodies next month too but after seeing this box I know why they choose to do things this way. This months box had some really "killer items"!!

Let's start off with the "Halloween" Items shall we?

Ok so basically I got a full "simple" halloween costume!! How freakin awesome is the Iron Maiden Eddie mask!! I dunno what I am gonna do but I am gonna find some way to display him! This is not just a cheapie mask either! It is a nice latex full head mask. The shirt is made to match the mask. Upon checking around I found the set goes from approximately $79.95!! Now like others I was really hoping for some Freddy stuff but being a metal head I thought this was a pretty awesome thing to find in my box. There was also a pack of temporary tats that were scars and wounds. Pretty standard for a halloween horror box but still pretty cool.

Also as you can see this is not the usual Rue Morgue we get every month. This Horror Movie Heroes edition features all sorts of interviews and sure for Directors, Producers, Writers and more in the horror genre. Dunno about you but I found this quite intriguing.  

Seriously...How freakin amazing is this shirt!! I love IT! As most of you know I am quite obsessed with carnival and amusement items as well so I love the design is something like and old carni banner! 

So yea...this month Horror Block nailed it! Still hoping for more Halloween goodies this month as well but in the meantime keep up the awesome job!!

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy