Friday, January 24, 2014

January Box Of Dread...

It's Here It's Here!!! Finally I got my first Box Of Dread!!

 How freakin awesome is all this!! The box is only $20 a month and shipping is free! (Or they have a 3 Month Subscription, Both types auto renew when the term is up) Not sure why I did it but I put off subscribing last month and now I wish I wouldn't have. But this moth is awesome so woohoo!

Now don't kill me but I am really not into the whole Sci-Fi/Horror kinda thing. I just like my horror to be straight up blood and guts is all. So these first 2 items are cool but they are just not really my speed of things...

First we have a set of Terminator Judgement Day trading cards. Now I never got much into trading cards because I am the asshole that has to collect everything from a series and that is just a lot of effort. Super cool subject matter though. I didnt open the package on these...

Next up is this super cool Action figure of Ash from Alien. Again I am not opening the  package but his arms and legs are articulated. This guys selling price covered the cost of box by its self.

 Next are my favorite items....Swag from Insidious 2. I know I know...I havent seen it quite yet but it's on my to do list LOL. I did love the first film and have heard good things about 2.

First there was a collapse-able water bottle. These are actually nice when we start heading to the summer music festivals since they fit in almost anything pockets included.

And my absolute favorite item in the box...An Insidious 2 lantern! Now I never gotta be ascared of the dark again LOL

Anyway if you or one of your loved ones is a huge horror fan you just gotta check out Box Of Dread.

The Conjuring...My Take and a few questions...

Ok so yea...Starting yet another blog as some things are just not appropriate for my other 2 lol. This blog is gonna be dedicated to my love of all things creepy & Horror. Be it Music, Movies, Or Books this is where you will find it all.

That said let's Get started!

So I know I am totally behind here but I finally sat down and got the chance to watch The Conjuring. Being already a fan of James Wan from Insidous I know eventually I really needed to sit down and check this film out. I thought the movie was awesome and it even made me jump once which is kinda rare anymore. It was when Vera Farmiga (Playing Lorraine Warren) Fell through the walls and ended up in the cellar. So as she was searching around she watches as the mother ghost murders Rory and tells her the witch made her do it. As I am focused on the mother appearing in front of her The feet of the hanged witch popped out nowhere. I always love when a film can actually get me!

Now on to the questions...
So while this movie was being marketed you see a lot of focus on the Annabelle doll. In the film is is a simply stunning piece of art...
And it was marketed as a doll for the public. Unfortunately I was not able to get my hands on one of these though I tried  but here is what she looked like....
So now comes the question...While this is an awesome piece of memorabilia why was the focus put on this doll. She played such a small part in the film overall that it just didn't make sense to me. Would the music box not been a more likely choice?

And the other thing...Do you believe this is actually true story? Lorraine and Ed Warren where know to be fantastic writers and would drastically fictionalize anything they wrote. I mean these just happen to be the same people who consulted on the writing of Amityville Horror and we all know how real that was.

And another thing...Andrea Perron...Supposedly one of the daughters involved in the haunting writes her first novel about the hauntings in March of 2011. Now it just seems a bit odd to me. We all know films take a decent amount of time to be made from Script to Screen and it seems odd to me that there was not much time between the release of the book and when the film should have been started. Then the second book in her series is released just a few months before the film. According to the author she stayed quiet for almost 30 years yet now there is a film and 2 books with a 3rd on the way. I dunno...It just didnt all line up for me.

Ok so that's all for now...Hopefully I didn't bore you too much today and I promise the posts will improve as I delve deeper into this format!

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy