Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Box Of Dread...

Ok so I gotta be honest and tell you I am a bit underwhelmed with this month's Box Of Dread. There are a few good items in the box however I know some subscribers did get this items other months and I myself would have been upset to get the same thing again. I do hope there is a system in place to keep track of who receives what just in case. Another kinda bummer...I just got my BOD today...2/27.  So yea....This month's box took a little long to get here in my opinion. 

That said the owner did keep us well informed for the most part to let us know what was going on with shipments. I understand that running a one man show is tough and I am cool with waiting it's just kinda a bummer you know. There was a letter from the owner in this box explaining all the issues and such this month and I think that showed wonderful customer care.

And on with the goodies...

First I got a HP Lovecraft Mouse Pad. It's nice quality and I really dig but I know this is an item that has been in past boxes. Lucky for me I am a recent subscriber and missed
out so I am super stocked I got one.

Next we have a couple items...On top we have a Business card and ACEO size card from the artist Sketch. This is an artist I have know for awhile now so these are pretty cool actually. I am thinking the ACEO with frame up quite nice. You could use it as a postcard too but I like it too much to send it out LOL.

On the bottom they sent 2 good guys doll battery stickers. I am a HUGE Child's Play fan cause I love how cheesy the films are. So yea pretty cool...just gotta find someplace to stick em. Downside...Again I know these have been in past month's boxes and I worry about getting repeats over the course of time.

Finally I got this wicked little guy. This is really the kinda items I am looking for in a a box. Personally I am not the hugest Twilight Zone fan but it is an awesome item to find in my box for sure! This is a mini monitor bobble head of Mystic Seer from Twilight Zone. Now while I mentioned I am not a massive fan of the show I am totally obsessed with Carnival/Freak show memorabilia so this is just perfect!

Over all so far I am still super happy with this box and service. You definitely get  what you pay for in the box. And having an owner that is so vocal and keeps us well updated it really nice. Good customer service would actually keep me subscribed even if I had a few weak boxes. Keep up the amazing work Box Of Dread!!

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy