Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Box Of Dread...

Seriously love this month's Box Of Dread. Each months so far has been better than the next! You will however be kinda surprised at what my favorite item this month was...
Aint that a great little haul!! This month kinda cemented the fact I will be sticking with the service for awhile :)

 First up just a simple little filler item...Horror decor matches. These guys just started selling horror theme candles and I need to pick up a few to use these on :P

Next is a little pocket hand sanitizer promo from Oculus. I am dying to see this movie but I been slacking LOL. Side note I kinda love the fact this is a fact dispenser cause I can stick it in my back pocket for concerts ;)

Next we have a pack of American horror Story trading cards. I love this show so this is perfect. My favorite season so far is Asylum but the new season is supposed to be Freakshow and I can't wait!!

This item is pretty cool actually. It is a box of "Serial Killers." Just one of those little variety pack style cereal boxes redone with a horror theme. Inside the box was a set of cards (I didnt open them), 2 special silver spoon glitter cards, & an eyeball gumball. Pretty cool goodies but the package alone sold me.

This was the "big" item in the box. A Funko Mystery mini from The Walking Dead Series 2.
You know I hadda open this to see if it was Daryl LOL. Sadly it was not but Rick is pretty Badass too!

Finally what oddly was my favorite item in the box...A button LMAO. No but seriously...I am damn proud to be a Gore Whore and I freakin love it!!!

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy

Monday, April 14, 2014

March Box Of Dread...

I know I know...I been slacking getting this post up but My BOD happened to come around the time I was out of town for a few concerts and I just been crazy busy since then. I was crazy happy with my box this month. The owner really listens to our feedback and tries to send out the best items possible each month. So if you havent yet be sure and sign up for Box of Dread today. April's sign ups are closed so if you sign up now it will be for May's Box.

So here is what came in this month's box...

Pretty awesome eh....First of all they were promoting the new flick Chasity bites. Now I havent gotten a chance to check this out but I am looking forward to it. Check out the Trailer...

So they sent me a sticker and the film poster. I freaking love the artwork on this! I think I may need to frame this one eventually.

Next there was a pack of Little Shop Of Horrors vintage trading cards...

Then a brand new copy of the super awesomely bad "kiddie" horror film The Willies. (Think Goosebumps before RL Stine was a big name.) Best part about this film is when the kids are talking to their friend played by Sean Astin. There is a part where they say something out playing pirates in caves. And who doesn't love a good Goonies reference LOL.

Finally the "Big" Item for this months box....Walking Dead Mini Mates!! I havent decided where I wanna put these guys yet but how awesome are they!! I got Hooded Michonne & Gabe.

Thats it for this month...Can't wait until next!

Licks & Lashes, 
Mistress Tragedy