Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September Horror Block

Greeting boys and Ghouls! So this month I am trying to keep somewhat on track blogging wise and I wanted to go ahead and get this month's Horror Block posted. Now since the box ships on the 25th of each month Horror Block took the initiative to go ahead and make this month's box all about Halloween so everyone would get the box before the holiday. Great planning on their part. Hopefully we still get some halloween goodies next month too but after seeing this box I know why they choose to do things this way. This months box had some really "killer items"!!

Let's start off with the "Halloween" Items shall we?

Ok so basically I got a full "simple" halloween costume!! How freakin awesome is the Iron Maiden Eddie mask!! I dunno what I am gonna do but I am gonna find some way to display him! This is not just a cheapie mask either! It is a nice latex full head mask. The shirt is made to match the mask. Upon checking around I found the set goes from approximately $79.95!! Now like others I was really hoping for some Freddy stuff but being a metal head I thought this was a pretty awesome thing to find in my box. There was also a pack of temporary tats that were scars and wounds. Pretty standard for a halloween horror box but still pretty cool.

Also as you can see this is not the usual Rue Morgue we get every month. This Horror Movie Heroes edition features all sorts of interviews and sure for Directors, Producers, Writers and more in the horror genre. Dunno about you but I found this quite intriguing.  

Seriously...How freakin amazing is this shirt!! I love IT! As most of you know I am quite obsessed with carnival and amusement items as well so I love the design is something like and old carni banner! 

So yea...this month Horror Block nailed it! Still hoping for more Halloween goodies this month as well but in the meantime keep up the awesome job!!

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy 

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