Thursday, December 4, 2014

October Horror Block...

OMG!! I cannot believe a month has passed and I never posted about October Horror Block. I got my box for November yesterday and when I went to add the pics for this month from my camera I was like on shit LOL. Anyway I am gonna get this post up but then later tonight I will show off the amazingness that was this month as well.

Ok so we are gonna knock this out real quick like...

The first item in this box is defiantly my favorite this month. My bro and I have this long running who is better between Freddy and Jason so I had rock this amazing shirt for him...
 Alright so I went a little high school goth on this day but damn it was fun...
 Next item I was happy and disappointed in. You see my blu ray player is the devil and doesnt play about half the blu rays I get. It was nice to see a blu ray in a box but I cant play it. That said I love the movie and I do already own it on dvd.
This next thing is super fun but I have no idea if I will ever do anything with it. They sent a build your own zombie kit. It is basically a jar with 4 colors of clay for you to design a zombie. It is really cool but it may just sit on the back of the shelf for ages.

 To my surprise this month they switched things up a bit and instead of getting Rue Mourge Magazine they sent the most recent issue of Fangoria. I so could not be happier about this. While I like Rue Mourge Fangoria has always been my go to horror mag!!
Now while this is an item I have received before from Box Of Dread in the past I was super stoked to see the box of "Cereal Killers" trading cards. I love the tounge in cheek aspect of these cards and they always make me laugh.

Finally the last item in this month's box was the Jason Vorhees reaction figure. I seriously love it but a little part of me was sad cause I wanna get my hands on the Pinhead reaction more LOL.
 So that is it for the October Horror Block. I am sorry it was late this month LOL. I will get the November block posted a little later today and you are gonna die at some of the items!! 

Licks & Lashes,
Mistress Tragedy 

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